Things to do at home during this crisis

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Here are some things you can do while you're at home to keep your sanity.
- Write notes to people living in nursing homes
- Exercise, lots of videos on Youtube, take a walk
-Allow yourself to be sad, to cry, to be frustrated. Don't take it out on your family. Jump up and down, run around the house, set a time limit, then get back to living. You will have to do this more than once, we are sure.
- Laugh! Have Alexa tell you jokes, watch a funny movie, revisit a funny time together
- Do something to help someone else, find or build a little free library and donate some books, same for a free pantry. Check in with your neighbors to see if they need supplies or just to say Hi!
- Make extra and take a plate to an older person
- Donate blood, it is critically needed
- Call or text a friend to see how they are doing
- Keep a schedule so you don't roam around feeling lost and hopeless
- Donate to the food bank
- Support local. Buy gift cards for local restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries.
We are better together!