The furniture does not stay

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Real Estate

When we are showing buyers a home we often have to remind them that "things" in the home will not remain. It is easy to get caught up in the beauty of a clean well decorated home, envisioning your family living just like that. But the furnishings and artwork go along with the moving van and often you are left with beautiful window coverings covering old drafty windows and just shabby not chic. 

I liken it to dorm rooms as you walk down the halls and look in the doors you see the clean, well organized, cool hip room and it looks much larger and better than the room with wall to wall clothes carpet and the gray (used to be white sheets).  We know that they are the same 500 sq.foot one window room but we want our kids to be in the "good" room. 

My point is that Sellers; The buyers vision often stops at the faded front door and chipped stoop. And Buyers; as the van drives away you and your style are left. What is important is to allow for honest discussion as to the value of a property.